Japanese Beetle Prevention, Reinvented.

Japanese Beetles are an invasive species to U.S. It is an agricultural and commercial pest that causes heavy plant damage, costing the average vineyard, orchard, or commercial grower over $1,000 an acre to manage. These beetles destroy over 300 common plant species, from soybeans to rosebushes. Unfortunately, the only way to manage them is through harmful pestcides that kill pollinators and sterilize the environment.

Organic. Simple. Aesthetic.

Alure LLC has developed a unique approach to managing Japanese Beetles: Bait and Kill surfaces. Instead of pouring harmful pesticides on your plants several times each season, endangering both pollinators and the health of your produce, our unique surface attracts the bugs and kills them on contact. However, the product is safe for humans and pets. No more refilling bags of dead beetles, or attracting more beetles from current traps. Our surface solution finishes the job by both attracting and killing.

Above is an early demo of the minimum viable product (MVP): A bait and kill Japanese Beetle surface that attracts ONLY Japanese Beetles using our pheremone baited scent, and kills them after contacting our special surface enclosure. Best part is, the surface is safe for humans and pets to handle! The demo above showcases the test beetles (left) dropping off after just 30 minutes of contact to the surface!

Japanese Beetle Bug Zapper Trap

How Alure Works:

As the name suggests, our surface enclosure for Japanese Beetles is very alluring to Japanese Beetles. Simply open your kit and setup the surface outdoors by using the hanger on the surface, and you're done! Watch as Japanese Beetles land on the surface throughout the day, only to succumb to an unfortunate death several minutes later. Our special netting is paralyzing to Japanese Beetles!

Future Offering:

Go to our Homepage and sign up for our mailing list to stay tuned if you're interested to try out our end-all Japanese Beetle prevention strategy for Summer 2024! We're currently in the process of putting together kits for running pilot tests this summer. If Japanese Beetles have been pestering you and you are ready to try something new, sign up for our mailing list and preorder!